LG Styler, next essential home appliance

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In the sleepy home appliance industry, new trends are few and far between. Likely due to the nature of appliances – big, expensive and long-lasting, the demand for flashy new innovations from customers is nonexistent compared to the smartphone industry. In 2011, LG Electronics (LG) decided to try something new. They introduced the LG Styler, a consumer-targeted waterless “garment care system”, to an unexpecting audience and waited for the reaction.
There wasn’t one. At least not at first. But last year, buoyed by strong reviews and a cabinet full of awards, demand for LG Electronics’ Styler garment care system suddenly took off, albeit from a modest starting point. Recent data shows global sales of the second generation LG Styler literally “skyrocketing” in 2016, seeing an increase in sales of 253 percent globally compared to the previous year. In fact, in its home country of South Korea, one Styler is now sold every four minutes. Not bad for an appliance that was designed as a niche product.
The reason behind the Styler’s growing popularity are many. Convenient and practical features have helped it to emerge as an essential home appliance for consumers around the world. The Styler combines the core technologies of three major home appliances – the steam technology of washing machines, the temperature control technology of refrigerators and advanced air flow control technology – to create a revolutionary new clothing care solution that meets the evolving needs of modern consumers.

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