LESCO’s performance


Iftekhar A Khan

The Chief Executive of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) claimed that utility company has installed solar metering system to enable its consumers to produce solar energy through their own sources and sell it to the government. LESCO will install solar meters in the premises of the solar energy producers who will sell extra energy to the national grid system. The LESCO Chief floated the lofty idea when the company does not maintain ordinary meters in its stock. So many consumers, including this writer, have complained to LESCO in writing that many refurbished digital meters installed by it were either inoperative or had faulty digital readouts.
As a result, the consumers were slapped with highly excessive power bills. I sent an email to LESCO Chief with copy personally handed over to the divisional head that our family home had been receiving power bills ranging between Rs22, 000 to 30, 000 despite the fact that the meter showed no readout. The lower staff regretted that the company had no electric meters in stock. What is the LESCO Chief bragging about by claiming to install solar meters when the company does not maintain ordinary meters in stock? Previous LESCO chief was removed for inefficiency, the present one is not doing any better.

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