Learn from your mistakes


We have often heard this ‘learn from your mistakes’; this is such a motivational line one could follow this. Everyone is not perfect, people have different ways to think and they have different perceptions to take the things in their own ways. People are not designed to give their 100% in everything. Everyone in their life do thousands of mistakes and their morale gets down when they don’t reach to the point of whatever they have planned for and immediately give up. This is not the end of life by doing this insane act of giving up. Mistakes basically gives us the chance to improve ourselves if we have failed in our first attempt they make us to learn something.
Here I need to focus one thing which is very mainstream in our society that if a person makes a huge mistake and leads to some wrong thing people are like “O God what this person has done? he has no sense of doing it in right way” and so on… this is such a lunatic reaction by our people and makes other person embarrassed and makes them internally down and this tend to think him that he will now never ever do this thing again. Why? I mean why they should think this? If a person sits down and thinks this all the time that I have done this wrong why I did that, believe me he won’t be able to learn anything. A person needs to ignore such sort of people and should be least bothered about them and do the mistaken thing again {and again} he will surely give the bests of result next time. This is how people learn and prosper.