Lawbreakers netted



Police have arrested eight lawbreakers including a drunkard and a security ordinance violator besides recovering 20 liter wine, a liquor bottle, two pistols 30 bore with four rounds and a 12 bore gun with two rounds from their possession.
According to details, Pirwadhai police netted Shahid for having 10 liter wine while Zeeshan was sent behind the bars on recovery of 10 liter liquor.
Rawat police recovered a bottle of liquor from Qasir. R.A.Bazar police apprehended a drunkard namely Tariq who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol.
Civil Line police rounded up Abdul Rehman with a 30 bore pistol and three rounds. Similarly, Rawat police booked Ghulam Abbas and seized a 30 bore pistol and rounds.
Murree police held Jameel for having a 12 bore rifle with two rounds. City police arrested Abdul Qayyum who was Security Ordinance violator.—APP