Lack of research work in Pakistan


Hadia Aziz

Research culture in Pakistan is generally lacking among graduate and postgraduate students as students generally not introduced with the meaning of critical thinking and analysis. Students are more focused on reading material provided by the universities rather than develop their own opinions and arguments that based on research works. However research work in Pakistan starts from universities level for graduate or post graduate programs which is very difficult for a student as they never familiarized with its idea and it was hard for them to achieve good grades.
Research work should be introduced from the college level, so student can get an idea how it works. Pakistani education system is already retrograde from all over world that is why students are not being introduced with the current education system. Moreover, universities have few research centres, which are not well equipped so research conducted in low quality work. Another obstacle is the need of the funds specially requires for the PhD research programs, and without adequate funds, research cannot be conducted. Government should launche schemes and funds for the students who are willing to do research work, as it relates to progress and success of our nation.