Lack of empathy & morality


Batool Dad

In this densely populated city of Karachi, most of us own vehicles, but what we definitely lack is road sense and sometimes a sense of morality and ethics. Traffic jams in Karachi are very common and everyone is affected by it. What we fail to see is that they are the worst for those ambulances that are stuck, sometimes for hours at a time, with a patient that could possibly be hanging between life and death, but astonishingly very few people make efforts to make way for those ambulances.
No one is empathetic towards the patient who might be suffering so much. More than often I have seen how cars overtake ambulances in their rush to get somewhere, they do not pay heed to the patients at all. And when a population clears way for VIP processions and their protocol, and not for ambulances with dying people, you know humanity is long dead in such a place. Literacy rate is said to be high in big cities but any education that teaches you no manners and does not contribute to you being human, can hardly qualify as education.

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