Kuwait truck collision was ‘terrorist attack’


Kuwait City—A collision between a truck driven by an Egyptian and a vehicle carrying three US soldiers in Kuwait was a “terrorist attack,” not an accident as first thought, the embassy confirmed Monday.
“US Embassy in Kuwait confirms that what at first appeared to be a routine traffic accident involving three deployed US military personnel… was in fact an attempted terrorist attack,” the mission said in a statement posted on its website.
The statement said the attack took place on Thursday and that the US soldiers escaped unhurt.
The soldiers also rescued the Egyptian driver when his truck caught fire, it said.
The Kuwaiti interior ministry said on Saturday that authorities arrested the Egyptian driver and found with him a hand-written note in which he had pledged allegiance to ISIS.
It also said that the driver, identified as Ibrahim Sulaiman, 28, also carried a belt and material suspected of being explosives.
The ministry said the attack was on five Americans without saying they were troops. The US embassy said it was not aware of specific, credible threats against private US citizens in Kuwait at this time.—Agencies