Kolwa: The deprived village


Hafeeza Dilmurad

Kolwa is one of the poorest villages in Balochistan and it is totally backward in respect of basic needs such as education, water, healthcare, so on and so forth. However, the fact remains that the complete literacy rate among males and females in Kolwa is 35% only which is a big concern. Authorities in the province are indifferent, which is a matter of sham for them.
Besides, the residents of Kolwa are forced to drink dirty water of ponds which is very very injurious to health, it is the main reason that the people have been suffering from water- borne diseases. Above all, what is the most troublesome for Kolwites is that they have to bring their patients to other cities for medical treatment because the village lacks medical facilities. So this is my humble request to the concerned authorities to pay some attention towards the neglected village Kolwa.
—Kech, Balochistan