Khattak wants politicians’ meeting over CPEC route


Staff Reporter

Peshawar—Chief Minister Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak said on Monday he was not against the central route of the CPEC but wanted the Prime Minister to fulfill all the commitments he made to the leaderships for making western route part of the CPEC and the Prime Minister should convene a meeting of all the political leaders and convince them on the CPEC. Giving interviews to TV channels he said that the Nawaz led Federal Government neither took care of the small federating units nor give any right to the poor people of the small provinces. He would continue to raise voice against the injustices of the Nawaz led establishment.
The Chief Minister said that it was his party decision not to attend the joint parliamentary session. However, his decision to stay away from the meetings held for President Turkey was because of the reality that it was simply a family affair. Her lamented that he foreign dignitaries when visit Pakistan they confine to Islamabad and Lahore. The federal government never consult the smaller federating units and he would not like to attend functions just for playing to the gallery.
We have legitimate concern that the Nawaz led federation government was usurping the rights of the smaller federating units. We raise voice against such injustices. It is unfortunate that our voice was silenced and even the lackeys of the Nawaz led PML-N go an extra mile to label us as disloyal to the country. To a question, the Chief Minister said that for the provincial rights he would cross all limits to gain the constitutional rights of the province. He reminded that Pakistan is not a fiefdom of individuals.
It is a country of the 200 millions and should be treated so. Unfortunately the leadership at the centre irrespective of its legitimacy or illegitimacy has never been serious and was always kidding with the smaller federating units. Pervez Khattak said he interacted with the police force of Scotland Yard during his recent visit to UK and asked them certain questions about the use of force. They told me that use of force against the peaceful demonstrators was actually the abuse of power. They never use power against the peaceful demonstrators.
He said that the abuse of power by the federal government during talashi movement against the peaceful marchers exposed the ruling elite that they thought of the demonstrators as to be assassins and decoits. He and the demonstrators were committed to reach Banigala peacefully but the Supreme Court gave verdict in favour of the talashi and therefore the peaceful marchers postponed their march towards Banigala. We have confidence in the Supreme Court and would accept the verdict on talashi.
He said that the corrupt rulers left behind a tail of corruption in the province. His government has risen against all forms of corruption. Referring to Panama-leaks Pervez Khattak said the son proved that his father was telling lies and at the later stage the Qatri Shahzada made entry into the drama. He also talked about the local government plan for the devolution of power and authority at grass root level adding that one third of the total ADP of the province approximately 35 billion rupees had been given to the district government system.