Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Program turns people’s dreams into reality


Shahbaz Sharif’s biggest project of Pakistan’s history
Staff Reporter


Communication and Works Department has been in the vanguard to translate practically on the ground the wishes, desires and dreams of the people. It is the working limb of the government, which implements the development agenda of the popular executive for the benefit of the people at gross root level.
The public sector projects transpire the economic might of an institution and indicate its commitment towards the ultimate destiny of a nation. C&W Department is a revenue spending organ of the government and its duties warrant good credibility and institutional reliance for judicious utilization of the public money with utmost diligence.
The planners, designers and Engineers grasp latest technology and innovation to make their service delivery compatible with the surroundings. Quality, progress and wise utilization of taxpayers’ money are the prime objectives of the department, which are not to be compromised at any level. Material testing profile is maintained for each and every project to ensure quality control for a sustainable development.
Following the advice of the chief minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif, Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Program was initiated in 2015 at the cost of Rs150 billion. It is a unique and innovative initiative which has transformed the lifestyle of the rural population. Construction of quality roads has tremendously benefited the farming community and other people living in rural areas. Farmers are able to take their agricultural products to the marketplaces and this revolutionary program has helped the major portion of the rural population.
Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Road Program is the biggest project of Pakistan’s history for rural population and the project has been completed in three phases. In the following year Rs15 billion was allocated for the construction of 2000 km long rural roads and in second phase 1532 km long rural roads were constructed and repaired.
In the whole province 1306 km long roads were extended width wise and carpeted. Further 220 km long and 12 foot wide roads were constructed and repaired and at least 5 km long roads were also built. The mega projects include the construction of bridge over Jehlum River in Sargodha at the cost of Rs2160 million and another bridge was built at the cost of Rs2070 million over ChinabRiver at the location of Shehbazpur for connecting the road of Gujrat and Sialkot.
A fly over was constructed at GT Road Gujranwala at the cost of Rs6671 million. A 42 km long MuridkyNarowal double road was constructed at the cost of Rs2828 million and Hasilpur double road was also constructed at the cost of Rs4974 million.
In district Mianwali Sargodha, MianwaliBanu road of 46 km Jinnah Beraj link road of 5.51 km long roads were constructed at the cost of Rs2045 million. A fly over was constructed over a railway track in Raiwind city Lahore at the cost of Rs1046 million.