KE complaint


M Rafique Zakaria

I am a K-Electric consumer for the last 35 years and pay my KE monthly bill much before its due date every month. Myself and my son normally pay utility bills online through our bank accounts. Last month, due to some confusion, we missed to pay our KE bill amounting to Rs. 1590. On 9th of Moharram, the electricity went off around 12:00 noon. Since KE had announced no load shedding during 9th and 10th of Moharram, I decided to lodge complaint with KE for power failure. I was taken by surprise when CSR (Customer Service Representative) at KE complaint centre told me on phone that my complaint cannot be lodged as I have not paid my last month’s bill. I requested the CSR to check my payment history, which will reflect my bill payment much before its due dates every month, but he refused and insisted that I should pay my bill first. Here I would like to remind KE that they charge late fee to consumers if they pay the bill after due date.
I asked the CSR, if he will lodge my complaint if I made online payment right away? To this, he said that it takes 5 working days for KE to receive payment made through online and my complaint will still not be lodged. Billions of rupees are outstanding against so many government institutions, politicians, businessmen and other influential feudals, but it appears that laws in Pakistan are not meant for the rich. It only applies to poor and middle class people. Will KE please explain why complaint of electricity failure cannot be lodged for non-payment of Rs.1590 even when the past history shows regular settlement of KE dues? How can KE even think of disappointing its honest and loyal consumers.
—Via email