Kashmiris extols UN rights chief for ‘censuring’ India


Geneva—Four Kashmiri delegates who are visiting Geneva for 33rd session of Human Rights Council have praised the statement of UN rights chief for demanding an international probe into allegations of human rights violations in Kashmir.
“The High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein blasted India for excessive killings in Kashmir, asked India to allow a UN mission to meet Kashmiri victims, and demanded an independent international probe into the role of Indian army in the disputed region,” they said.
“This position by the UN was the first at this scale in possibly half-century, and is a major setback for India’s international diplomacy.”
Kashmiri delegates Altaf Hussein Wani and Sardar AmjadYoussef Khan took to the podium to encourage the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to sustain pressure on India for its “violations in Kashmir.”
Senior All Parties Hurriyat Conference leaders Syed Faiz Naqqshbandi and Hassan Banna separately met the Deputy UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Kate Gilmore.
While addressing the UN Human Rights Council during General Debate, Wani said Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein has done a great service to the international humanitarian system by addressing a key issue: “how growing number of powerful countries refuse to give access to OHCHR and other human rights mechanis-
He called upon the Government of India to fulfill its international responsibilities and cooperate with the International human rights machinery, the Human Rights Council, the high commissioner and his office and the special rapporteurs in Kashmir.
Sardar Amjad Yousef appealed to important member States of the Council “not to sacrifice human ideals at the altar of business deals with India.
“This council has a moral responsibility,” Amjad added, “to speak and act for the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, since Kashmir is a United Nations recognized disputed territory.”
Amjad told the president of the Council that any delay in addressing the situation in Kashmir could worsen tensions in the region and get “out of control.”—GK