Kashmir & world conscience


Kashmir is not shown on the map. Shireen Mazari and Sherry Rehman tweeted to inform the public about this omission. Whether it is an error or deliberate attempt the government should take notice of this matter. Kashmir is a disputed territory and India claims it to be the integral part of the Indian Republic. Indian forces have been illegitimately occupying the State with force. We have seen bloodshed, massacre and killing fields in Kashmir. We condemn Indian occupation and genocide of Kashmiris. When would the international community’s wake up from deep slumber? Where are the OIC, Arab League and other organizations on this issue? UNO’s agenda has many unresolved issues and Kashmir is one of them. Why does not the UN pressurize India to resolve the Kashmir issue? We suggest that India and Pakistan must resolve this long-standing issue through negotiations. War cannot solve any problem; only the bilateral talks can resolve the issue(s).

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