Kashmir: Peace body should have talks with Pakistan, India


Staff Reporter


Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi, Secretary-General Kashmir Peace Institute, has expressed his confidence that Kashmir dispute is solvable as entire community of UN member states acknowledges it as a dispute threatening world peace and security. It is an issue of urgency.
Talking to a group of Kashmiri students here Saturday he said that there was no cause of frustration. India one day has had to admit her arrogance as stumbling block in the way of smooth Kashmir solution. Within India there is a lobby that wants Kashmir settled sooner than later, he pointed out.
Reply a question he said that he had proposed that heads of political parties of both parts of Jammu and Kashmir be allowed to form a Grand Peace Council [GPC]. The Council should mull over the details of the dispute and its long delayed history and should come out with a formula to be discussed later with Pakistan and India. Real sufferers are Kashmiris, Pakistan and India are disputants.
The GPC should first discuss Kashmir with Islamabad and New Delhi, and they may have to discuss it later with UN Security Council as it exists on their functional agenda of dispute; then GPC should evolve an outline of a formula acceptable to all and contributory to South Asian peace as well. I believe if this course of action is taken whole world would side with the Kashmiris. They are not lonly. World stands with them. Only their have to spread out their voice across the seven continents.
To a question what the Kashmiri youth should do in the present circumstance, the Secretary General of Kashmir Peace Institute replied that they must study how the Kashmir dispute was sparked off, who led it to the UNO, what was the verdict of the UN after hearing representatives of both Pakistan and India. Why the solution was delayed when it was agreed between President Ayub Khan and Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru to appoint Plebsicite Administor by April 20, 1953. Who got derailed the whole track, this must be examined. Kashmiri youth should become the voice of South Asian peace with settlement of Kashmir issue, he advised.