Karun made me proud, why can’t you make your parents proud too?


Karun Nair’s mother addresses pupils of her school

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Prema Nair, the mother of Team India’s new triple centurion, Karun Nair, has advised the pupils of her school to make their mothers proud too.
Nair, while playing his only the 3rd Test, became the triple centurion against England at Chennai last week.
“The mother addressed the pupils of our school in the Assembly hall before the Christmas vacation and told them : “Karun has made me a proud mother. Why can’t you also achieve something in your life and make them proud as well”, Saroja Sridharan, the principal of the Chinmaya Vidyalaya School (Koramangala), speaking exclusively over her mobile from Bangalore, said.
Incidentally, Karun was also a student of the same school but had later shifted to the Frank Anthony Public School (Bangalore ) because there was not much cricket in Chinmaya School.
Later, speaking exclusively, the mother Prema said, “it was a proud moment when unexpectedly madam called and asked me to address the students”.
“We teachers always inspire the children and I made no exception”.
“I told the boys : “I am very much proud of my son and this success is the answer from God for my son’s hard work and prayers. The result we see to-day is because of his dedication, hard work and discipline”.
“The nI told them: I have one request to all of you. Please give your parents also the same proud moments in your life. That will be the best gift you can give to your parents”.