Karachi medical waste problem


Salal Elahi

It is painful that, the seventh largest city of the world with the population f over 20 million and the economic hub of Pakistan does not have a proper medical waste disposal system. As per record of the municipal department of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation more than 500 medical facilities are running in the metropolis including 20 secondary and tertiary care hospitals, but 98 percent do not have proper medical waste disposal system.
In the public sector merely Jinnah Post graduate Medical centre (JPMC) has its own incinerator to burn medical waste but even it, acoording to the environment protection Agency Sindh, does not comply with the World Health Organization. The Civil Hospital, the second largest hospital in the city and also the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, both do not have an incinerator or proper system to divide infectious and non-injectious waste. Anyhow, all over the Sindh Province, not even a single public sector hospital has the capacity to meet international requirements to dispose of the medical waste.
—Via email

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