Karachi faces twin menace—massive power failure and goods carriers’ strike


Staff Reporter

Hardly had the city of Karachi recovered from terror attacks and street crimes, it was faced by a twin menace, each more ominous than another. Goods carriers, plying between ports to different destinations, were on their tenth successive day of strike when Governor Muhammad Zubair intervened and summoned their representatives Tuesday in an attempt to solve an issue which already had had considerably damaged the national ecomony. Results of the negotiations in which Mayor Waseem Akhtar was also involved, were awaited.
The second major issue related to massive power failure in Karachi, where 30 percent of its over twenty million population had been victim in oppressive heat.
The principal utility service, K-Electric acknowledging the problem, said that three of its main grid stations had developed faults, which it was hectically trying to overcome.
In Defence, Clifton, and district central were the worst victims where power supply had remained cut off for more than 12 hours, from 930 p.m. Monday night to 9.30 a.m.
Tuesday morning. Then again frequent interruptions made life miserable for the people.
The district central remained without power, which also affected water supply position in congested areas, This persistent hide and seek game of power interruptions had continued till dusk, and there seems little relief, for considerable length of time.
K-Electric never informed the real position of sudden failure, but confined itself to mere lip service that constant efforts are being made to restore electricity supplies.
The problem was a major one and needed time, perhaps several more hours than had been anticipated.
Goods carriers have been on strike in Karachi for tenth successive day Tuesday, but none from the Sindh government, or those at the helm in the centre, tried to ensure relief to the people.