J&K issue can’t be ignored any more


Muzaffar Ali

Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S), at a point on the way to Karbala, along with his companions and family, put a strange question to his young beloved and brave son, Hazrat Ali Akbar (A.S) that, “son are you afraid of death”? The reply of Hazrat Ali Akbar is a guideline for Muslim nation of all times. Hazrat Ali Akbar in return asked Imam Hussain as that “Moula are you sure that we are on the right path of Allah” Imam replied “yes, sure we are on right path of Allah.” Listening to the reply, Hazrat Ali Akbar lauded, “Moula, it does not matter either death comes to us or we swoop on the death.”
The above-quoted conversation between Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) and his brave son, Hazrat Ali Akbar (A.S) needs to be followed by the civilian leadership as well as the Pakistan Army to highlight the peaceful and indigenous struggle in Jammu & Kashmir against Indian occupation. Jammu & Kashmir issue has a long history of its forceful occupation by the Indian Army for seventy years. During this period the people of Jammu & Kashmir have suffered from ruthless and shameless brutalities by the Indian Army. Thousands of Kashmiris have been killed and hundreds of attacks on modesty of women in Kashmir have been reported but the international community and international human rights commissions turned a deaf ear. The UN, remained dumb despite the issue was taken by India itself before its Security Council promising the right to self-determination for the people of Jammu & Kashmir through a fair plebiscite under UN supervision.
The Jammu & Kashmir dispute is not merely a territorial dispute but it is an issue pertaining to violation of human rights and people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir encounter with their peaceful struggle and the struggle is about to touch one century but the brutality and barbarity of Indian Army could not succeed in refraining the oppressed people of the IHK from their peaceful struggle. Obviously they follow the footprints of Imam Hussain (A.S) and Hazrat Ali Akbar (A.S) as the people of Jammu & Kashmir are real followers of Imam Hussain “the king of oppressed people”. It is my conviction that no power in the world could resist the liberation of Kashmiris as they have proved to be an awakened nation, at the end; the Indian Army would have to bow before the peaceful Protestants.
In the year 1947, British rule over united India came to an end but prior to quit India, the British rulers and the Indian leaders representing Hindus and Muslims mutually agreed upon partition of India into two sovereign countries, one comprising Hindu majority and the other comprising Muslim majority regions. The formula was acted upon and two sovereign countries came into existence but the formula was not applied by the Indian Army in case of Jammu & Kashmir and occupied the same forcefully. The people of Jammu & Kashmir being Muslims in overwhelming majority did not accept the aggression of India and they are persistently in protest against Indian occupation of Jammu & Kashmir. Pakistan also continuously protested against, through diplomatic means and extended its moral support to Kashmiris in their peaceful struggle since 1st day of occupation.
The Kashmir issue even dragged Pakistan and India to war, and at one time the peaceful struggle of Kashmiris compelled India to take the issue to the UN Security Council and the Security Council resolution is a witness to it, but it remains unresolved because of double standard and bigotry attitude shown by the world powers in dealing with international issues.
The Kashmir issue, despite Indian brutalities against the Kashmiris, is alive and India has failed to bury the same. Pakistan loudly pleaded Kashmir issue at every international forum, particularly the Prime Minister of Pakistan pleaded the Kashmir issue recently before the UN General Assembly strongly and proved himself to be a statesman. His speech was Kashmir issue-specific and sufficient to open the eyes of international community. It was self-elaborative to make the member countries of UN understand the severity of Kashmir issue. Every word of Premier’s speech was reflecting the voice coming out of hearts of the people of Pakistan and Kashmiris.
Indian government has always tried to hide the peaceful movements launched by the Kashmiris for their independence, under the pretext of terrorism and at present too the Indian Army endeavoured on the pretext of an unwarranted incident took place against the Indian Army and at once blamed Pakistan to shift responsibility, but the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, the most popular, most brave General of Pakistan Army thundered against hostile narrative being propagated by India and loudly warned the world about Pakistan Army’s response to any threat coming from outside. We, the Pakistanis, are proud of our Army officers and the soldiers headed by the Army chief. We are, of the conviction that, our Army is always standing against any aggression or adventure intended by the enemy.
Last but not the least; the world community must realize the fact that, the Pakistan and Pak Army are big actors against the worldwide terrorism. Our Army has encountered terrorist organizations and de-rooted them from the region by launching military operations like Zarb-e-Azab against terrorist organizations indiscriminately. The world community must realize that above sixty thousand innocent Pakistanis have sacrificed their lives in terrorist actions. Our schools, mosques, public places, and even military installations were attacked by the terrorist organizations, despite all that, entire Pakistani nation and Army never disheartened and played a vital role to curb the evil of terrorism.
Before conclusion, I would like to invite the attention of world community towards the words of our Prime Minister in his speech before the UN General Assembly as “we will not win against terrorism until root causes of terrorism are addressed.” In my opinion Prime Minister wanted to say between the lines that, denial of right to self-determination of any nation is also a root cause of terrorism and injustice always creates frustrated minds and such minds act upon “do or die”.
— The writer is retired Justice Supreme Appelleant Court, Gilgit-Baltistan.