JI chief announces protest march to US embassy on July 7


ISLAMABAD: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has announced Protest March to the US embassy in Islamabad on July 9 in order to express solidarity with the Kashmiris and against the US decision declaring Mujahideen Supreme Commander Syed Salahud Din a terrorist.

Addressing Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque on return from Saudi Arabia, he termed the US as the world’s biggest terrorist supporting Israeli and Indian terrorism. He said the US had openly come out for crushing the Kashmiris’ freedom movement.

The Sirajul Haq also announced that the JI would launch a website to trace the foreign assets of the present as well as past rulers of the country. He said that after the Supreme Court decision in the Panama leaks case, the illegal foreign wealth of the rulers would be brought to the country.

Sirajul Haq said it was an irony that Indian Premier Modi who had been a terrorist in the eyes of the US some time back and his entry into the US and Europe had been banned, was now Trump’s close friend. He said it might be the rulers’ compulsion to support the US but the two hundred million Pakistanis stood by the Kashmiris who were fighting Pakistan’s war.

The JI chief said that the US had dropped nuclear bombs in Japan killing millions and massacred millions of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US was at war against Islam but unfortunately, the Muslim rulers were US allies in this war. He said the colonial powers of the world were targeting the Islamic movements and Trump had declared Salahud Din a terrorist only to please Modi.

Sirajul Haq said that Pakistan’s foreign policy from the very beginning had been pro- US but America had not stood by this country in any difficulty. The US naval fleet did not reach in support of Pakistan in 1971 when the country was disintegrated.

He said that the JI has set up a special cell to unearth the assets of the rulers in London, Dubai and Swiss Banks and elsewhere and soon a website would be launched to enable the citizens know the details in this regard. He also urged the people to assist the JI in this effort.

He said that the JI campaign against corruption was going to succeed. He urged the masses not to remain impartial in this respect but play their role in this effort.
Originally Published by NNI