Javed Miandad & Shahid Afridi


Bakhtiyar Phullan

I wish to clear that personal attacks between two Pakistani legends Shahid Afridi and Javed Mianad took the attention of public seriously which can leave a bad image for Pakistani cricket. Let us clear that the issue had started when Miandad first criticised Afridi’s demand of a proper farewell game, terming money as the motivation behind the idea. The former T20 captain Afridi while responding said: “Money has always been an issue for Javed”. According to a report the altercation has not ended there as a furious Afridi has decided to send a legal notice to Miandad, demanding an apology on his unsubstantiated claims of match-fixing.
It is my humbly request to both the cricketers to realised the consequences of hurling such allegations on each other publicly, because Pakistan has seen many a bad day off the field. I request the Pakistan Cricket Board to check such accusations, whether true or not and it must not be forgotten that this kind of uncouth behaviour of name-calling and allegations would only harm the already tainted reputation of Pakistan’s cricket, without bringing any good to any of the two involved in the verbal spat.