Intolerant politicians and workers

IN an unfortunate development PTI workers misbehaved with  veteran and ailing politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi because  of his stance on some national political issues. Earlier, PML (N) workers tried to manhandle Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rashid Ahmad outside Parliament House after election of the interim Prime Minister. Culture of intolerance in politics is growing and this is natural consequence of the foul, derogatory and some time abusive language used by some of the leaders both from the treasury and the opposition. People watch and hear them almost on a daily basis during their media talks after hearing of cases in the Supreme Court or the Election Commission of Pakistan. Workers and leaders who indulge in such behaviour do no serve either their parties or their top leadership and instead inflict great harm on them. This is because people of Pakistan are now politically mature, have sense of right and wrong and abhor negative tactics in politics that have already cause immense damage to the democratic process and political stability. It is, in fact, duty of the leadership to rein in their supporters and workers but at times they ignore such activities for the sake of petty personal interests. This is effectively election year and rising political temperature could lead to unintended consequences. We must listen to what former Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan had said a day before the Panama Papers verdict – politics has become an abuse and this is painful for me. Ch Nisar had, in fact, reflected feelings of the majority of people who want promotion of culture of tolerance, restraint, decency and politeness. One can respond to rivals and opponents while remaining strictly within the bounds of civilised conduct and this approach would lower political tension and help improve image of politicians and parliamentarians.


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