International Women’s Day..!


International Women’s Day is more than any other day we need to celebrate in our country, because we really don’t know the meaning of it.
For us, women are to be locked up, within the four walls of our home. We believe we have to see they are protected, how? By keeping them away from college, sometimes school, because they might fall for someone of another caste. We keep them from going to a friend’s house because they may have an affair with the friend’s brother, and we keep them thus caged.
Every time Love Jihad is talked about, it makes me laugh! Do you think our women are so weak and vulnerable they will fall in love with any person who approaches them? If you still think they are so weak, then make them strong!
Give them education. Give them exposure in the world, so they can recognize the wrong from the right It is when they are locked up at home that they don’t know the difference , and when they do fall in love with the wrong person, it is your fault, not theirs!
Anybody who is put in prison tries to escape, and that is exactly what we do with our women in our country, we put them in prison, behind bars and throw the keys away.
Give them their freedom, and they won’t let you down. Close them up and they will exist like beautiful birds in a cage waiting for someone to let them out. You, the father or mother be person to help them fly.
Watch their beautiful flight into the sky, watch them enjoy the beautiful sunrises, moonlight nights and when you find or they find the husband of their dreams, they will be wonderful wives and mothers because you taught them to fly, you gave them their wings!
I have two daughters! And there is not a day I don’t feel their love. As they grew up, there were days when I as a father had to be a protector, from men and boys who I had to be strict with, but I always allowed my children to enjoy the beauty of living. Yes, there were times they thought I was strict, times when I insisted they should be home by a particular time, times when I said no, to them staying out, but I know today they are happy about that strictness.
But I never cut their wings and as they grew older and more confident, they were given more freedom. Today is International Women’s Day! Don’t protect your women so much that they have no wings. Let them celebrate their flight with you.!
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