Insecure women

Karachi, the busiest and the biggest city of Pakistan, has always been under the menace of some sort of problems. Apart from other problems, a fresh wave of fear that has started to exist as the men with knives stab girls and women in Karachi’s Gulistan e Johar and Gulshan Iqbal. According to sources the attackers target girls and women without veils (hijab). So far a single woman or girl with veil has not fallen prey to the knife attack. This has given birth to several questions that will remain unanswered until the attacker is behind the bars. Many uncertain gossips have come to conclusion calling it a religious matter. Some other unofficial reports have also considered him mentally unstable. The city police have applied all the possible tactics to bring it to a halt but in vain. The tight security and special techniques applied to apprehend him have so for not resulted in anything successful. It is also being reported that a high number of students remain absent from college and universities due to the fear of being the victim of such brutal knife attacks. A reasonable reduction has been noticed in market going women and number of girls and women with veils has increased sharply. Daily routine is immensely disturbed and a sense of insecurity has emerged in the mentioned areas. It is time police came up with special secret plans to bring the perpetrator behind the bars and ensure the security of women before more such cases take place.

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