Injustice to labourers


Saba Mumtaz

Labourers work is the hardest than any other working group. They hardly make their ends meet and remain unappreciated as well. They work long hours in order to feed their families. The daily wages they get according to the work they do is not justified. Some labourers working for different private firms are not getting paid even after working up to full capacity. Some aged workers are also seen to work in spite of the fact that they are not capable of doing work but in order to earn their livelihood, they don’t give up and work hard from day to night.
Government need to fix their daily wages according to the work they do keeping in view the inflation in country. Private firms should be held accountable for not paying wages to the labourers. There should be age limit for labourers to work after that they should be given adequate pensions by the government. There should be labour foundation for their children, which provide them with education and other basic necessities of life.

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