India’s wicked plan

DESPITE repeated calls by Pakistan to the international community to take notice of Indian attempts to change demography of the Occupied Kashmir, New Delhi persists with its plan, forcing Islamabad once again to launch an appeal to the world community and the United Nations. Foreign Office spokesperson Nafis Zakaria told newsmen at the weekly briefing on Thursday that the objective of India is to convert Occupied Kashmir from a Muslim majority into Muslim minority area so as to manipulate the outcome of any future plebiscite to decide fate of the disputed territory.
The tactics being employed by India include implementation of the advice given to it way back in 1993 by then Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Perez who proposed that New Delhi should not hesitate to populate Kashmir with people from all over India. To him “Only a demographic change in Kashmir can help India to claim it. The idea of a Muslim majority state living peacefully with a Hindu majority community is idiotic and this idea is nothing but anathema.” This is what Israel is doing in occupied Arab lands and now India is replicating the dangerous plan in Occupied Kashmir, which is not only violation of UN Security Council resolutions but also means that India is hell bent not to part ways with its occupation and wants to perpetuate it through military, legal and political machinations. In the British Census of India of 1941, Jammu & Kashmir registered a Muslim population of 77% and Hindus 20% (though 97% of the population of the Valley was Muslim) but this percentage has already reportedly dropped to 68% due to Indian plans. India has been pursuing the policy of demographic change since long but the present BJP Government is following it more vigorously and the plans include grant of citizenship to non-locals, their settlement, award of land to Indian military personnel, and stationing of RSS activists in the state. Sale or purchase of land in Azad Kashmir is not allowed on the grounds that future of Jammu & Kashmir has yet to be decided but India has allowed this practice in Occupied Kashmir. Former Advisor Sartaj Aziz had written a formal letter to the UN drawing its attention towards violation of the UN Security Council resolutions but unfortunately so far nothing has transpired on the world body front. It would be a prudent approach if our Permanent Representative at the UN takes up the issue with right earnest with the world body as well as representatives of influential members of the international community. UN fact-finding mission should be sent to Occupied Kashmir to check the ground situation.

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