Indian slaughtering of Kashmiri youth sensitises world

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


World Solidarity Forum and Uphold Europe forums jointly organized a well attended event here on Thursday that strongly condemned Indian killings of Kashmiri youth that raised hue and cry all over the world. On the occasion exclusive slides of the brutalities were presentation by World Solidarity Forum . Excessive use of force on students and teenagers killings during the recent elections received highest condemnation by the audience . Polling day Srinagar presented a look of human slaughter site.
The event organisers called the latest Kashmir situation most dangerous, threatening world peace and security. Kashmir is blowing up, world is silent, India has gone berserk. Kashmir is bleeding, dead bodies of Kashmiri is floating across the river Jhelum and Dal Lake. One of the EU civil society officials told Pakistan Observer that the civil society groups will develop pressure on EU policy makers that Kashmir should not drown like Syria in human blood and bones.
Volatile Kashmir is direct geographic threat to the Pakistan soils. Ill wishers may make Kashmir a launching belt against Pakistan. EU civil society also vowed to work as Pressure Group and force European policy makers to resolve global conflict s including Kashmir.
The Kashmir Foundation Director and Editor of Kashmir Watch Abdul Latif Bhat held also held meetings with the officials of World Solidarity Forum and Uphold Europe and briefed them about the rising scale of Indian state terrorism across Kashmir. The organisers invited Abdul Latif Bhat for next event to be conducted in European Parliament in May 2017.
Currently Kashmir is sharply focused on European agenda due to its humanitarian policy. European civil society will engage local people and immigrant community to jointly resolve the internal issues and also help them to lobby for conflict resolutions in European Union offices.

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