India stands isolated


IT is declared policy of the Indian Government to isolate Pakistan diplomatically over the issue of terrorism but New Delhi’s botched approach failed to muster necessary support of international community for the purpose. Instead, increased number of visits of foreign leaders to Pakistan and Islamabad’s active participation in a number of developmental, security and peace initiative is a clear testimony that world fully acknowledged the geo-strategic importance of Pakistan.
Chinese leadership hosted One Belt One Road (OBOR) Forum in Beijing, which received overwhelming response not only from countries of the region but also from across the globe. India too was invited and there was a clear sentiment in that country not to miss the opportunity but Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided against participating in the purely economic platform because of his government’s jaundiced opinion about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and thereby isolated his country. It was in this backdrop that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in his address to the preliminary session of the Forum, declared that the CPEC was open to all countries in the region and it must not be politicised. Similarly, India is also playing a central role in efforts to encircle China but despite all this the Chinese President Xi Jinping categorically stated that their vision of OBOR is not aimed at encircling any country, rather it is meant for peace, progress and development. As pointed out by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the CPEC would also be instrumental in addressing some of the root causes of extremism and terrorism by way of generating economic and employment opportunities as well as interaction of people of backward areas with people from other parts of the country and regional countries. The wide participation and endorsement of Chinese initiative by overwhelming majority of the world community is a guarantee of success of OBOR and CPEC and India is going to get nothing but frustration and embarrassment if it persists with its negative approach. But this is not for the first time that India is trying to obstruct purely developmental initiative as it always scuttled growth of the cooperative platform of SAARC and backed out of its commitment to joint Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project. We hope that people of India would realise that their leadership is missing opportunities just because of anti-Pakistan rhetoric.