India spurns UN rulings by holding polls in IOK


Staff Reporter


Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi Secretary General of Kashmir Peace Institute has said that India was brazen-facedly spurning United Nations Kashmir rulings by holding so-called election in part of Jammu and Kashmir under her military occupation.
Commenting on ‘forcible’ polls drama being enacted in IOK the Secretary General reminded the attention of the UN Security Council that in several of its Kashmir resolutions India was warned that no local elections could be deemed substitute for UN-promised plebiscite waiting to be held in the territory. But it is New Delhi’s reverse logic that she persists in its arrogant habit when the question of Kashmir comes to the fore, he observed.
He praised the courage of the people of IOK who are out to boycott the so-called polls which in fact negate their UN-pledged mandate which is yet to be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir settle by international democratism.
Military power cannot override the international principles and norms. Had that be so, no country big or small could retain its independence and sovereignty, he reminded.
He said that the UN should have intervened to blocking the sham polls Kashmir as its functional UN Observers machinery is stationed in Sonawari in Srinagar and in Rawalpindi to report such emergencies for urgent remedial action.
He pointed out that the ‘fixed mindset’ of Premier Narendra Modi is a symbol of non-peace and human hatred which is quite visible in Kashmir. He asked the Indian public to make their rulers understand the gravity of the situation in non-implementing their own promises made to the world and to the Kashmir in and outside of UNO.