India played dirty in Bangladesh’s creation

Book lunching

Amanullah Khan

“Creation of Bangladesh, Myths Exploded” a fact finding book authored by Dr. Junaid Ahmed on the tragic event known as fall of Dacca launched in Karachi. Speakers including Admiral Shahid Karimullah, Lt. Gen® Moinuddin Haider, former ambassador Shahid Amin and Dr. Huma Baqi spoke at length about the most tragic episode of Pakistan’s history, invoking the feelings of losing not only a geographical territory but of family, integrity, trust, honor and identity said Dr Junaid Ahmad while talking about the feelings behind the book he wrote.
The speakers were of the view that it was a well thought out plan by Indians by blowing out of proportion the misunderstandings between the two wings of Pakistan. When Pakistan came into being the western part was comparatively more developed than the eastern part that created a sense of deprivation among the population in the then East Pakistan. A sense of deprivation was prevailing among the East Bengalis, which had a strong base. They were not given space in bureaucracy since 1948 to 1971. Not a single chief secretary, finance secretary, or home secretary was appointed from the East Bengal, .
The author said “Saqoot-e-Dhaka (fall of Dhaka) was a happening, but what were the factors behind, I have thoroughly written the ‘facts’ in my book which are properly documented. The book also sheds chronological light on the actors, their conspiracies, their misadventures and their failings.” He said. “India fully exploited the case of Bangladesh,” he said. In his book, Junaid has Quoted Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi’s statement after the fall of Dhaka Dec 1971 saying, “We have taken the revenge of a thousand years’ and we have drowned the 2-nation theory in the Bay of Bengal.”
He also pointed fingers at Zulifqar Ali Bhutto saying if he did not bother to recognize Bangladesh in 1974, Bangladesh could not be a country, as China refused to recognize Taiwan amd it could not become an independent state. Admiral Shaid Karimullah (retd.) who is also chairman and member board of governors Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR) said, “History is there to earn lessons from but unfortunately this is not happening in Pakistan.” He said language issue was unresolved and remained source of concern to the Bengalis. The education system was dominated by Hindu Bengalis at that time. Ambassador Shahid Amin while paying tribute to the author said that objective assessment of the tragic event is a great service to the nation by Dr. Junaid in writing the book which counters well the one sided story and biased statements against Pakistan.
Gen Moinuddin Haider (retd), alongside Dr Huma Baqai and others also spoke on this occasion.

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