India blocks UN funds


THERE are clear indications that India is applying all kinds of leverage to inflict harm on Pakistan and the latest is its opposition to $35 million Pakistani proposal to protect communities in the northern areas of the country, which are vulnerable to floods from overflowing glacial lakes. The Ministry of Climate Change had submitted the project under UN Green Climate Fund, which has been instituted to help developing countries adapt and mitigate practices to counter climate change.
This speaks volumes about India’s real mentality as it is not sparing even developmental projects and welfare-oriented programmes. Members of the Board, who considered the project, were shocked over Indian attitude and asked New Delhi’s representative not to block it and instead go for expert opinion but he refused to cooperate. However, this is in line with overall policy of India towards Pakistan as Delhi has been opposing tooth and nail the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) despite the fact that it was purely a developmental project aimed at benefitting millions of people. There are also confirmed reports that a special cell has been created in the Office of Indian intelligence agency RAW to sabotage and undermine the project. India is also on record hurling threats of abrogation of the Indus Basin Treaty and stoppage of Pakistan’s share of water under the accord brokered by the World Bank. India is also building dozens of water reservoirs in clear violation of the Treaty with the ultimate objective of blocking water flow to Pakistan and turning Pakistan’s fertile areas into a barren land. This latest episode on the one hand exposes India but on the other hand it is also indicative of lacklustre attitude of our ministries, and in this case ministries of Climate Change and Foreign Affairs, that fail to visualize challenges and prepare to face them. The country could not secure funds for this project for faulty preparation and presentation enabling India to raise objections and in the recent past allowed India to get carbon credits from UN on the controversial Rattle water reservoir in Occupied Kashmir. We hope Minister for Climate Change would look into these and similar other issues.