Imran’s frank admission


PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who has earned reputation of being a straightforward personality, in an interview with BBC, has made some of the highly pertinent admissions that clarify many issues of governance and politics in the country. Mr. Khan thanked Allah Almighty that he did not get a chance to form government at the Centre after 2013 general election, otherwise the situation would not have been different from KP where the party lacked experience to run affairs of the province. He also acknowledged that his own lawmakers were opposed to the Local Government system and that is why it is still not functioning, as it should.
There is no doubt that there were mostly new faces in PTI during 2013 general election but a good number of tickets were also issued to winnable candidates. It is also relevant to point out that there were experienced hands among the coalition partners of PTI in KP and they could have contributed their share if they wanted to. In spite of all this, one has to appreciate that the Chief Minister, his Cabinet or Ministers in their personal capacity are not supposed to run affairs of the province alone. They are there just to provide policy guidelines and oversee implementation of these guidelines and formulation of policies and programmes based on them. Similarly, lawmakers are supposed to give their input in streamlining things and initiating measures as per expectations of their electorates and needs of their constituencies. You need to make right choices for right jobs and that is how results are achieved; you cannot succeed by considering the entire lot inefficient or incapable, as you have to work with them. It is also pertinent to say that even if one ignores the first year of KP government, nothing much inspiring occurred during the remaining three years and the reasons are quite obvious as the party focused on politics of agitation than making KP a role model province. And Imran will have no complaint of lack of experience as now he is welcoming all types of turn-coats from other parties. But it remains a question whether they would help make any difference as the same lot could not make any mark when their parent parties were in government.