Imran: Raiwind march on 30th


Youth Wing revolts against Tareen

Staff Reporter

Islamabad—Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan on Sunday announced that the party’s Raiwind march would take place on September 30.
“Raiwind is not anyone’s father’s property,” Imran said, addressing a party convention in the capital.
The party chief’s announcement comes days after opposition parties expressed reservations about the location of the march.
The PTI, in a last-ditch attempt to get opposition members on board, rejected the idea that the protest will take place outside the prime minister’s Jati Umrah residence.
“I ask people from all walks of life to reach Raiwind on September 30 ,” said the PTI chief, adding that workers should start leaving for Raiwind from September 24 to join the protest.
While addressing the party convention, Imran said that it was his right to raise voice against corruption.
The protest in Raiwind will be the biggest in history of Pakistan, Imran claimed. The PTI chief warned of a violent clash if anyone tried to create hurdles in the protest.
“Nawaz and Shahbaz, both will be responsible in case of any mishap,” Imran maintained. “On 30th, I ask everyone who is part of PTI, from GB to Sindh, across Pakistan, you have to reach Raiwind” Imran Khan said.
“This is a defining moment; if you do not stand for yourselves now they will destroy you. This is a mafia,” the PTI chief told his supporters.
“Come to Raiwind in convoys and keep one lawyer with each convoy. If anyone tries to stop them, the lawyer will tell them that they have a right under the constitution to hold peaceful protest,” Imran said.
“If there is any kind of violence incited against thepeaceful march, we will protest across Punjab streets and Sharif brothers will be responsible.”
“We will remain on the country’s streets until we make the prime minister Nawaz Sharif accountable,” he added.
Meanwhile, just a few days before much-propagated ‘Raiwing march’, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is embroiled in an internal fight between Youth Wing and Secretary General Jahangir Khan Tareen.
Angry over Jahangir Tareen’s policies, party’s Youth Wing has revolted against him and has printed banners and posters calling for his removal. PTI Additional General Secretary Saifullah Niazi has also resigned from his post after developing differences with Tareen.