Illogical American demand


PAKISTAN has justifiably spurned American demand for limiting its nuclear programme, which is indicative of the jaundiced approach of the super power on the issue of nuclear proliferation in South Asia. According to Pakistan’s Permanent Representative at UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi, the demand was made by US Secretary of State John Kerry during his meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in New York but he was plainly told that Washington should first seek similar restriction on India’s nuclear programme.
There have been reports in local and world media that the United States is pressurizing Pakistan to cap its nuclear programme and should not go for miniaturization of nuclear warheads. This strange proposition comes at a time when the United States and other influential members of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) are eager to extend latest nuclear technology and know-how to India, which would surely give a boost to its nuclear capability. Given India’s constant bellicose posture, Pakistan has no option but to maintain and update its nuclear deterrence to keep threat of aggression off. This is not mere perception or presumption as on various occasions India hurled naked threats on Pakistan and the latest are suggestions emanating from New Delhi for targeted strikes in Azad Kashmir and inside Pakistan following Uri attack. Miniaturization is especially important as it gives Pakistan’s deterrence a new dimension in the face of alarming imbalance in conventional arms between the two countries besides numerical edge that India enjoys both in terms of military men and material. Under these circumstances, demanding Pakistan to put limits and restrictions on its nuclear programme is nothing but a crude attempt to strengthen Indian hand and domination in this part of the globe and that too at the cost of security and defence of Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistan, under no circumstances, should compromise on its hard earned nuclear capability that has served the cause of peace and security in South Asia. The United States would get nothing except denting its own image further in the eyes of people of Pakistan by making such absurd and lopsided demands. And why Americans are not pressurizing Israel to roll back its nuclear programme despite the fact that Washington’s own estimates put Israeli nuclear warhead stockpiles at 350?