IIM for Jammu; bullets for Kashmir


Views from Srinagar


Indian Institute of Management (IIM) for Jammu was announced far back and approved a few days back and admissions for the first batch is going to start this year while an “Out Campus” is to be set up in Kashmir “later”. What this out campus is and when it will be established no one knows? It is just like pleasing a child by putting a candy in its mouth.
New Delhi is making a mockery of the sentiments of people of Kashmir since long and is improving on it day-by-day. As we are going through a bitter period of political unrest for last 100 days we are mentally engaged and may not pay too much heed to it. It is a loss to the region in general and student community in particularly.
New Delhi in connivance with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has bullets, pellets and pava’s for Kashmiris When it is about something really developmental and fruitful they turn a blind eye towards us.
“IIM to be set up in Jammu and Kashmir” wrote a newspaper. Rather the newspaper should have put it as, “IIM announced for Jammu and Kashmir but to be established at Jammu.”
May be it was a demand of Jammu students that an IIM be established there and the demand was happily fulfilled, but when it comes to a mere pleading of Kashmiri students to defer their exams, their ears turn deaf and they are not able to judge what we have been witnessing for three months now, thereby maintaining their level of hypocrisy and double standards.
Not only the present government but it has been a trend of the successive governments in Kashmir to ignore Kashmir and its people. The present government has been focusing more on Jammu as quoted by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti some time back. They have made it a practice to disregard Kashmiris and acknowledge Jammuites.
We all are witness to the agitation of Jammuites that started when the Central University was allotted to Kashmir and by every means they persuaded the government to establish another Central University in Jammu. And not only the Central University, Jammu division also got away with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).
New Delhi always boasts that Kashmiris are our own people then why such an indifferent attitude towards us. Why do they indulge in such gimmicks after which people of Kashmir can have only hatred for them and alienate us more?
Apart from IIT and IIM and central universities, it is a sheer irony that four private and one government engineering college are also to be established in Jammu, while as Kashmir has only one private engineering college.
We are lucky enough that we had Regional Engineering College (REC) here in Kashmir and it got upgraded to National Institute of Technology (NIT). If same would not have happened, I am sure we would definitely have seen NIT also established in Jammu.
All these policies reflect deliberate attempts by both state and central government to appease Jammu and displease Kashmir, and no one seems to care about it. This callous attitude of the government is condemnable and they should see to it that Kashmiris are not ignored time and again.
Despite the positive developments being encouraged in one particular region, we have seen Kashmir slipping on some important points. One move to push back Kashmir was reduction of seats at a premier medical college of the Valley.
Continuing its past practice, the government is temporarily relocating its premises on the end of this month to entirely maintain their focus on Jammu alone after three wasteful and woeful months here in Kashmir leaving Kashmiris in a state of agony!

—Courtesy: RK.
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