ICC’s intervention sought for NOC for S. Sreesanth to play in Scotland


Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


S. Sreesanth, the 34-year-old Indian pacer, who has been denied the NOC (No Objection Certificate) to play in Scotland because of being life-banned by the BCCI, is “still optimistic” to be eligible to play there.
Sreesanth’s associate in Scotland, Eddie Gibbs, who is also the Communications Director at the Glenrothes Cricket Club, has once again approached the International Cricket Council (ICC) to intervene.
“I was told by the ICC that the ban is not imposed by them and he was cleared in the criminal case, I see no reason for the Indian cricket board to deny him to play here”, Gibbs, speaking exclusively from Scotland, said.
Gibbs has now written a letter to the ICC for an issue of an NOC so that Sreesanth can play cricket again (on an amateur club level basis at least in regions out with their j
“Myself along with Mr Sreesanth have consulted regularly with sports lawyers and the only reason that Mr Sreesanth has not taken his case further is in hope that post Lodha Committee version of the BCCI may look at his circumstances differently. He (Sreesanth) has respectfully bode his time only to find the stance remains total ignorance”, Gibbs added.
Explaining the reason for hiring India’s banned player, Gibbs says,”I met Sreesanth at the Titans of Cricket event in London a few years ago, my company was one of the sponsors”.
“We became friends thereafter and once he was banned very quickly established that he would be found innocent of criminal wrong doing; which subsequently came to fruition”.
“The blow to Sreesanth came when the BCCI upheld is lifetime ban after he was cleared by the Delhi court. From this point we have waited patiently for change within the BCCI administration in hope he would be issued an NOC to play the Cricket Scotland Premier League”, Gibbs signed off.