Hospital capacity doubled


Reports about inauguration of a new indoor block and establishment of as many as 16 new operation theatres in the Children Hospital in Lahore are very laudable and commendable. Punjab Government continue providing most modern treatment facilities to the people throughout the province. With the addition of 614 bed capacity of the only children hospital has been raised to 1100 which is appreciable indeed. This has cost Rs 2.5 billion and enabled the hospital administration to increase the number of beds for the cancer ward to 100.
The hospital already has been provided with bone marrow transplant facility and first transplantation of bone marrow is expected to be carried out this month.
Provincial Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif after inauguration of the new block of the Children Hospital, according to the reports in the newspapers, visited various wards, inquired about health of children undergoing treatment and talking to the mothers of the ailing children asked them about availability of medical facilities. On positive response from the mothers about availability of all healthcare facilities he was obviously very much satisfied.
Speaking on the occasion, he quite emphatically pointed out that the provincial government is spending billions of rupees on provision of quality healthcare facilities to the people reiterating that service to the distressed humanity is his mission and he will accomplish it at any cost. Congratulating all including the Health Minister on the doubling of bed capacity, the CM genuinely took the pride in mentioning that the Children Hospital has become the top hospital where open heart surgery and treatment of heart disease facilities are also available for the suffering people without any discrimination.
While appreciating healthcare facilities, this is also to remind the doctors, as they belong to a noble profession, and others concerned of their obligations towards the suffering humanity while discharging their duty dedicatedly and devotedly they should ensure that the healthcare is duly provided to the patients without any hitch or lame excuses.