HOAP thanks Saudi govt for excellent Hajj operation


Nasib Shah Shinwari

islamabad—The officials of Hajj Organizers Association of Pakistan (HOAP) have applauded efforts and arrangements of Saudi government for pilgrims during Hajj -2016.
Talking media after attending a meeting with officials of Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia in Makkah Mukkarema, Haji Sanaullah, focal person of HOAP in Saudi Arabia and senior leader of HOAP Haji Masood Khan Shinwari said that HOAP team in Saudi Arabia for Hajj operation 2016 was thankful to government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for carrying out excellent arrangements for pilgrims at the holy city. The officials paid warm tribute to Saudi government for a very successful Hajj operation this year, says a message received here from Makkah.
Giving detail of HOAP special arrangements for Hujjaj, Haji Sanaullah said they had developed an excellent plan of transportation for pilgrims to Mina, Arafat and shifting pilgrims from Mina to Makkah. The official said that best food was served and private Hajj companies of Pakistan provided a very comfortable residence to Pakistani pilgrims near Masjid Al-Haram-Sharif. The officials vowed they were taking more steps to improve their program for the pilgrims during Hajj days and said that due to the private Hajj sector, Pakistan was standing on third place all over the world providing best facilities to pilgrims.
The HOAP officials said to monitor the Hajj operation activities of private Hajj companies they had constituted a monitoring team to check the private companies whether they were providing the facilities to pilgrims or not adding that our Hajj operation team was present 24 hours to facilitate the guests of Allah.
The officials of HOAP also thanked Pakistani authorities in Saudi Arabia who cooperated and facilitated the private Hajj companies for carrying out their Hajj operation activities.