Heartache in Nargis’ life


Javaid Bashir

Indian Film Actress Nargis’ had to suffer a great deal in her real life. In a recent book published by author Kishore Desai it has been revealed that she tried to commit suicide several times over heartaches. Nargis was considered among the greatest actresses of her time. She ruled the industry for decades as the main leading lady. She started her film career from film “Tamana” made in 1942. She played the heroine’s role in the movie. Director Mehboob’s hit film “Andaz” (1949) brought her instant success. It was a lucky break for Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Nargis. They earned fate and fortune from this Classic Movie.
Success of Andaz proved quite significant for the trio. After this movie Raj and Nargis paired for more than 16 films. They were liked as the screen couple by the viewers. Fortune shined on them from the hit movies Andaz and Barsat. On the screen she appeared a very happy person but in real life she had her share of troubles. She led an unhappy life. The love affair between Raj and Nargis was the talk of the town. They fell in love. But Raj was already married and his family did not approve any union between them. In order to save his family life he slowly dissociated with her. This broke her heart as she was deeply in love with Kapoor. She tried to commit suicide several time over this break up.
Actor Sunil Dutt came in her life during these bad times, when she was feeling low in her life. After working together in “Mother India” they decided to get married. Sanjay Dutt the famous actor is their son. Nargis performance in variety of roles brought her lot of success in her career. She was beautiful, intelligent, smart and graceful woman. Fans were madly in love with her. Love is a potent force that can make or break a person. There is a lesson that we can learn from her life. All that glitters is not Gold and there is a silver lining after every mishap. Facade can hide the realities behind it.
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