Happy, without too much..!

TWO weeks ago I was invited into a business group. They wanted me to give them a presentation about the small advertising company I own. I did and a few days later got a call asking me to be a member of group, “You will have so much business from us,” said the voice on phone, “That you won’t have time to do anything else!”
“Let me think it over,” I said. “Think what over?” asked the impatient voice of the president of the group, “It is a privilege to be invited to our group! Don’t you want to make money?” “That’s what I want to think about,” I said, “Whether I want to continue my life making more money, or to do what I love best; writing and spending time with my family!”
Bill McCartney coach of the University of Colorado football team, shocked the sports world when he resigned at the top of his career. The reason he gave for quitting was that he wanted to spend time with his wife and with religious pursuits.
Sports writers struggled to understand. “What man gives up such power and prestige?” they asked. And there was a certain amount of power and prestige as because of McCartney’s leadership, the team had achieved national prominence. “Put another way,” writers also asked, “what man walks out on a $350,000-per-year contract with 10 years remaining so that he can spend time with his wife and his God?” Writers used words like “mad” and “out of his head.”
They didn’t get it. But Bill McCartney, in deciding to turn his back on a promising career, showed us that money does not have to drive major decisions, and we can choose to honor those things that matter.
Do you need to take charge? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself this? Maybe it’s time to look at your dreams of a new Mercedes and ask yourself, do I really need it. Do I really need this fancy house? The fancy TV, the new phone? How much of myself, my time away from my family, my religious pursuits, my life and my values have gone into these clever temptresses? I drove back from that meeting with my friend Arun, and I remember him asking me, “What is more important than making money Bob?”
I didn’t answer, I’d just smiled to myself, but I know everyday as I get letters from you my readers, as I am able to spend time with my family, and also when I don’t need to be scared of every demonetization, or tax restructuring that the PM does, since I don’t have that much cash around, that I’m happy. What about you?
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