Happiness and hopes


Hooriya Naz

Regardless of the result, I’m So Happy that Cricket has finally come back to Pakistan. We have witnessed such a quality of game and will surely witness that next year (In Shaa Allah). Great thanks to the top leadership, Pak Army, Police and all those people who have made this final possible. We have just sent the message to the world that “yes” we are a peaceful nation and we love Cricket. We will gonna cherish all the moments of PSL-2 from Pollard Push ups Celebration to Elliot Bat Drops Celebration and Sammy’s Selfie Posing Celebration for First Wicket and so on.
I feel so happy for Daren Sammy, he’s a true gentleman; the way he has supported us through ups and downs; that’s so kind of him. He even came to Pakistan to show his immense love for Pakistani fellows when other players refused to come. He’s A Champ. Thou, Sad for Sir Vivan Richards, his team had to face difficulties due to replacements of the players right before the final, “Koi Baat Nhi Sir Agli Dafa Sahi”. Maybe, we are divided by the caste and sects, but in the end we all are united by the Pakistan Super League, by the Cricket. In short, Pakistan Super League is the best thing that has happened to us.