Gwadar’s biggest problem


Maha Saleem

The article by Shezad Baloch published in your esteemed newspaper highlighted a very important issue that exists in Gwadar — shortage of clean water. The city is always in the news these days due to CPEC. The fact that it is gaining so much hype, one would think that the port city would have basic necessities for its people?
The writer mentioned that the people in the city only get clean water for one hour every two to three weeks. Imagine the state they probably live in. Water tankers cost thousands of rupees, making life unaffordable for the masses. He also mentioned the many unfulfilled promises made by the government to fix this issue.
It is high time that the authorities concerned look into the matter. It is inhumane to deprive citizens of their basic rights. The promises made to the citizens of Gwadar must be fulfilled. The desalination plants that had to be built and should have been up and running by now, should be completed.