Greater opportunities


Aamer A Najmee

Shipping out of the first cargo from Gwadar Port has not only ushered in an era of regional development but also there are many greater opportunities which will boost economic growth in Pakistan both directly and indirectly in the coming years. This project will also send a positive message to international investors that Pakistan is now a safe haven and paradise for investment; they can make as much investment as they wish without any fear and apprehension.
Besides Pakistan and China, more than 40 countries are likely to be benefited of the CPEC. Construction of an international airport at Gwadar is also one of the projects under the aegis of CPEC which will internationalize this city as an economic hub. What is more important is that it will greatly help solve the issue of unemployment, which is perhaps the Number One problem of Balochistan. Additionally, it will also attract more and more people from other parts of the country. But what is needed most at this juncture is to foil the nefarious designs of the enemy who misses no opportunity to damage our country.