Govt striving to ensure justice, democratic values: Khattak


Staff Reporter

Peshawar—Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said his government was voted to power to eliminate rampant corruption and corrupt practices. Adding that the people had lost hopes from the system and they wanted to change the government that could bring about a system of governance based on democratic values and where there was no injustices and wrongs against the people. He was talking to a representative delegation of Pakistan Bar Council consisting of Chaudhry Ishtiaq Ahmad, Shuaib Shaheen, Ghulam Mustafa, Abdus Sattar Khan here at Chief Minister House, Peshawar. Secretary Law and Advocate General were also present.
The Chief Minister said that provision of justice and promoting democratic values were common grounds for which both PTI and lawyers struggled. His government held the lawyers’ community in high esteem because of the common agenda for establishing true democratic values and traditions in the country. His government was all out in this regard. He reminded that before his government there was injustices and the people used to go from post to pillar to get justice. That was the background that people chose PTI to represent them and eliminate injustices and excesses against the hapless and vulnerable poor.
Chief Minister said when he came to power the first thing he did, was to overhaul the public sectors institutions tracking them in the direction to dedicate to the basic objectives for which these institutions were formed. His efforts were resisted by the powers of status quo but his team did not compromise on the public welfare. He overcame all obstacles and defeated the forces of status quo. His government was working on to give justice to the people and still there were problems but he empowered the people at grass root level to resolve their problems at local level.
Pervez Khattak said that the lawyer community were also striving to stop the lengthening shadows of injustices in the society and therefore we and the lawyers community have one and the same agenda and mission to eliminate injustices adding that lawyers community was his natural allay and the collective efforts would lead to the formation of a society based on justice and equality, merit and law where no one could dare transgressing the rights of others. The society we would form would have the resilience and the strength to challenge any injustice by itself.
Chief Minister said unfortunate was this nation as they constantly voted to people who in return committed injustices against their voters. The past rulers had at their credit the stories of loot and blunders at the cost of poverty of the poor. He argued that societies where there was no justice and where the people did not voice against the injustices, such societies could not survive. Unfortunately in the past, the previous rulers helped themselves and never worked for the poors. But now it was a good fortune that the nation had a leader like Imran Khan who had good credentials and who could challenge the status quo and the forces of injustices and destruction and hoped that he would steer the ship of destiny of the nation ashore.