Govt must complete Kacchi canal as per original plan: Baloch


LAHORE : Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch has demanded of the federal government to complete the Kacchi canal according to its plan and should not reduce its original length.


In a statement issued here on Saturday, Liaqat Baloch said that the length of the Kacchi canal had been reduced from 500 km to 363 km due to which the total area to be irrigated by it would be reduced by more than six lakh acres.


The JI Secretary General said that the completion of the canal as per plan would not have cost much at this late stage. He said that leaving the important project in the middle would only mean ill planning of the government whereas thousands of growers would be affected by it.  He said there was great unrest among the agriculturists of the area.


Liaqat Baloch said that according to the original plan, six thousand cusecs of water was to be released into the canal but now only 500 rpt five hundred cusecs of water would be released into the canal which would mean wastage of water as well as other resources.


The JI Secretary General also slated the fresh closure of the Niazbeg branch canal after releasing water only one cusec water for a single day. He urged the Punjab Chief Minister and the provincial Chief Secretary to order full quota release of water into the canal without delay.


He said that the Irrigation Secretary and LDA authorities had closed the canal which was lying closed for about a month only to serve the interest of a contractor whereas paddy crop over thousands of acres in the area had been ruined due to shortage of water.  Closure of the canal at this late stage of the rice crop was not allowed under the law but the irrigation authorities did not care, he added.

Originally published by INP