Government school in Balochistan


Leo Sam

It does not need to tell that Balochistan is one of the four provinces of Pakistan which is the biggest province area-wise and rich in resources. We can call it a hen hatching golden eggs. But at the same time we call Balochistan the most backward with its citizens living in abject poverty. However, the Baloch are more concerned with education which is one of the major issues for them. On one hand there is lack of govt schools and on the other these schools lack even basic facilities.
The number of teachers is less than required and they too come to pass time and not for teaching their students. It is apprehended if such conditions continue to persist for some more time, then no one will be able to save education in Balochistan from destruction. Being a student, I request the education authorities, particularly the Chief Minister of Balochistan to take a serious notice of this issue. I must say the government of the present CM is performing better in many ways than his many predecessors.