Good morning..!


The little boy felt his grandfather’s grip tighten and he wondered why. He watched another old man walking towards them. “Good morning!” said his grandfather. “Mornin,” said the other old man stiffly as he walked by. “You don’t like him, do you granddad?” “No!” growled his grandfather vehemently. “Then why did you wish him a good morning!” “Because that’s the civil, polite thing to do son!” “To your enemies also?” “Yeah.” “To God?” “God’s not my enemy”” “But you do the same things to God, don’t you granddad?”
“What things?” “You mouth those prayers when you don’t mean a single word!” “For how long have you been watching me, you lil’ rascal?” “You sing those hymns because you have to!” “I love the tunes.” “And you love your voice, granddad. Don’t you?”
“Yes grandson, I do.” “Like you loved saying good morning?” “That’s the right thing to do.” “To say something without meaning it?” The little boy and his grandfather walked down the road in silence. The little boy felt him tighten his grip and he wondered why. “Lets go back,” said his grandfather gruffly.
“Sure,” said the little fellow and they both turned around. The little boy had to run to keep pace with his grandfather’s sudden giant strides. He watched as his grandfather caught up with the old man they had just passed. He watched as his grandfather caught the other old man in a bear hug.
“Good morning,” wept his grandfather. “Good morning,” cried the other old man as he hugged the little boy’s grandfather back. Both the old men were sobbing. “Let’s go,” said the grandfather. Sure,” said the little boy, “where?” “To church,” said the grandfather.
“You want to pray?” asked the little boy, “or you want to sing?” “No,” smiled the grandfather, “I want to talk to God.” The little boy, looked back at the other old man, as he stood at the steps of a temple. He had not entered yet, but was looking back at the man who had just hugged him. There was love in his eyes.
The little fellow looked up into the sky and smiled at Someone who smiled back at him. “Good morning!” they said to each other and laughed together.
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