Good governance


Good governance is very essential for the progress of any country or nation. Nations have become economically prosperous and politically powerful only with the help of good governance. Balochistan which is called the heart of Pakistan is replete with precious natural resources. It is said that the development of the Gwadar Port and construction of Pak-China Economic Corridor would bring a wave of prosperity to the people of Balochistan, which is, unfortunately, facing many challenges one of which is bad governance.
Political leaders ie MNAs & MPAs of Balochistan instead of fulfilling their key responsibility are more interested in interfering in routine matters and minor administration issues like transfers and postings of civil servants and clerical staff. Bad governance can be termed as a major cause in backwardness of Balochistan in fields of education, agriculture, health etc.
It is dire need of time that all political parties of Balochistan take each other into confidence and end their all political difference and in collaboration with federal government turn the bad governance into good governance on a priority basis because the Balochistan’s socio-political instability, whether insurgency, crime or terrorism, can indeed be only controlled through good and effective governance

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