Germany must elect Merkel


Mohammad Ali Baig
WHY there exists an open confrontation against German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Why US President Donald Trump refused to shake-hands with Merkel? How and why Merkel has been subjected to an organized and centred propaganda by labelling her for the so-called German isolation? Isn’t her liberal, moral and ethical stance on refugees and immigrants causing soreness in Europe? Why German economy has strengthened under Merkel and left many of its allies behind? The upcoming German Federal Elections on September 24, 2017 are going to be the most important polls in the nation’s history. These polls would define the destiny of Germany in particular and Europe in general.
Merkel fully understands that neither United States nor United Kingdom is a friend of Germany and the European Union. British PM Theresa May and the Brexit clearly indicate that UK is fearful of growing German power. It is worth mentioning here that after the Re-unification of Germany on October 03, 1990, Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said that ‘We have defeated Germany twice, and now they are here again’. Thatcher was not in the favour of ‘One Germany’ and urged then Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev to do everything in its power to prevent the reunification of Germany.
The resilient Germans are the most unique nation on planet earth. History is a witness that Germans were crushed and brought to their knees after the First World War and the Second World War. The Treaty of Versailles of June 1919 was a calculated and concentrated attempt by the so-called friends of today’s Germany to finish off the German pride once and for all. German people worked so hard and in just twenty years (the inter-war period 1919-1939) challenged the world order despite of the American-induced shocks of the Great Depression. Germany was divided on purpose after the World War-II to calm the fear – but thanks to the remarkable leadership of recently deceased Chancellor Helmut Kohl who reunified Germany on October 03, 1990. Now again in just twenty years (from 1990-2010) Germany is standing on its feet to turn the tide of international politics.
It can be assessed here that in Merkel’s fourth term – she will drive Germany out of the American and British domain along with military and defence dependence. Thanks to French President Emmanuel Macron – the future of European Union is now safe. In Merkel’s May 28, 2017, ‘Beer Tent Speech’ she bravely urged the European nations to take their fate in their own hands. She is aware that why Britain exited the European Union and why Trump is pressurizing Germany. Merkel is upholding the moral and liberal values under heavy international, regional and national pressure. Forbes Magazine, named Angela Merkel twice as the most powerful woman on this planet. She was also named as the 3rd most powerful person in the world just after Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Reuters wrote — latest Emnid Institute opinion poll concluded — Merkel is leading by 14 points over her rival Martin Schulz. However, currently she is standing at 38 percent in relation to 41.5 percent of the popular vote in the previous elections. It can be assessed that Merkel’s CDU/CSU is likely to secure 310 out of 630 seats in the lower house of the German Parliament – Bundestag. The recent elections in North Rhine Westphalia were a surprise since CDU secured 33 per cent in relation to SPD’s 31.2 per cent – a second time win in NRW in 50 years. The opinion polls and state elections prove Die Welt’s editorial right that even after 12 years of rule by ‘Mutti (Mummy) Merkel – the nation is in no mood for change’.
The brave, resilient and hard-working German people who are thoroughly environment-friendly must have to elect Angel Merkel for the fourth term as Chancellor of Germany. Merkel is not only inevitable for Germany and Europe but her remarkable leadership skills are making the planet earth a more safe, secure and sustainable place to live. Her rejection of Trump’s protectionist policies and anti-U.S-Mexico Border Wall reveals her moral, liberal and free trade economic vision. She has open-heartedly welcomed the refugees from Syria and other war-torn regions besides severe criticism.
The bicker and bigotry against Merkel cements particularly one thing that all of her critics lack morality and love for humanity. After winning the fourth term – she has to accelerate efforts to bring peace in Iraq and the Middle East along with French President Macron – resultantly settling the refugees’ issue and would have to counter Trump to save NATO and EU from disintegrating. Fortunately, Merkel was able to isolate Trump during the July G-20 meeting in Hamburg and again she would continue to lead and strengthen Europe against protectionism, racism and right-wing politics.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.
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