Gender nutrition


Shahida DJ

Deficiencies in nutrition for Pakistani women has become a hidden crisis for Pakistan, which is influencing the national developmental projects. Medical studies of 2000 reports proved that people’s health is influenced by inequities and most of the women and girls are the worst effected. Half of them have the deficiencies of some paramount components of protein energy. It is crystal clear by the report of NNS- 2011 that lack of nutrients affected over 35- 39 pc of adolescent married women. The precarious traditions and superstitious believes have put the lives of women in great quagmire of vulnerability. As it is said that adolescent girls shouldn’t eat hot foods. As that is a source to get energy and are beneficial components for the growth of growing women, such as egg, meat and milk. Due to these underdeveloped thoughts not only their lives are in danger, but also causes more lethal consequences. It weakens women’s ability to survive childbirth and creates more infections. Nonetheless, Pakistan has got the highest maternal mortality in South Asian region, world’s worse maternal mortality ratios and prominent nutrition deficiencies. As it is an open secret that adolescent girls are in a dire requirement of these micronutrients for the purpose of their growth, their bodies ask for multiple proteins, iron and other micronutrients to maintain their adolescent growth and also meet the body’s natural demand, mostly during menstruations. I do suggest the government to conduct awareness programmes and seminars, to provide empowerment to women, education to women so that we should varnish the deadly traditions, in order to counter the number of deaths and problems of this issue.
—Via email