Fun or mental disorder?


Syeda Wajeeha

Since the social media has become popular and access to Internet
through Wi-Fi on smart phones and tablets have become as easy as pie, people have become more active on social media – 24/7. Posting selfies has become trendy. Communication is an essential part of life but by focusing so much of our time and psychic energy on social media, our most important real connections are bound to weaken. In classrooms, restaurants, roads, I must say, everywhere, selfies are taken and posted on the social media just for self-glorification. Our young generation has become over obsessed, without realising what it might do to them. It is especially harmful for students because a lot of time is wasted and they can’t concentrate on their studies. According to American Psychiatric Association, a 19 year old Briton attempted suicide on having failed to capture a perfect selfie. Therefore, I appeal to all please don’t focus so much on social media, instead try to do something good for the humanity for which you will be rewarded.